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My second phone interview went well I think. Not quite as smoothly as the first and I had some moments of stuttering and not coming up with the right words, but I’m working on not beating myself up about it. When I asked if there was anything else I could send or provide to show my qualifications she offered up the information that I was doing well and they are interviewing other people, but right now I’m at the top of the list. It’s really hard to balance not getting my hopes up and confidence at the same time. I have nothing to do but wait because the person I first interviewed with is on vacation this week and will be in touch next week. 

I have to accept I did everything within my power and not dwell while I wait and focus on not panicking. I’m going to fill my week while I wait with movies, Buffy, cleaning, and I’m excited to play the Last of Us. If all goes well, this might be some of the last free time I have for a while.

Gotta watch the second to last episode ever of True Blood before bed, while living awake on this ambien high. Should either make me handle a bad episode well or it’ll heighten my feelings and I’ll cry.

Took an ambien so I could sleep soundly tonight in preparation for my morning interview. It kicked in roughly an hour earlier than usual. Not really a big deal expect my typing is less than accurate. And it makes me want to lose my shit all over the topics of “Last Week Tonight” that we’re watching now. I can bite my tongue and hold my comments in, but that show is a favorite to not be missed because that’s when it’s a party and you just let it alllll out.

Anyway, second phone interview in the morning. I’ve been working hard, making notebooks and finding some good statements I can use. I just have to focus in the morning. Hence, why I took an ambien now so that in the morning I’ll be rested and focuses. 

Jibber Jabber away.